Saturday, September 18, 2010

Some Ideas

With our first competition a few days away, and fall coming, what better time to think about capturing images! A while back Sally donated some rolls (that's right - film) of Velvia 50 and a roll or two of Sensia. The plan I have is for folks who never used slide film to 'have a shot at it' for the experience. I still have 5 rolls of slide film, and fall color ofteh produces "Velvia" moments.

So, how many of you still have a film camera? How many of you with film cameras have not shot slide film before (or just once)? How many of you would like a group photo outing to capture fall color with a 'fading' media?

I'm thinking of Leonard's Mills during Living History Day's October 2nd or 3rd; or maybe a hike to Little Wilson Falls or Borestone Mountain.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Speaking of trips.....are any of you interested in going to Quebec City during Winter Carnival???

Let me know about that too!

Don't forget to register your images for this Thursday's competition.

Regards, Vaguely

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  1. Winter Carnival sounds interesting...although a bit chilly. Beautiful city!