Thursday, January 14, 2010

Life's Beach

Kevin Doyle has jumpped into our blog this month.

Life's a Beach. By Marsha Causton and Kevin Doyle

What does a Mainer do on the coldest morning of the winter? Why, go to thebeach of course. Single digit temperatures afford all sorts of benefits: Noflat-landers or strap-hangers, no annoying traffic, no gate keeper tocollect a fee, plenty of parking and the ice cold beverages stay ice cold.On a frigid January morning even the ocean feels warm (relatively speaking).And the beach would be clear for shooting without those annoying obstructions; people.

It's a plan; we're headed to Lamoine State Park for a photo shoot.

More photos.More warming.And repeat.

Both photographer and battery survived over two hours of shooting in singledigit temps. Even the snow in our shoes wasn't a problem - it never had achance to melt and dampen any feet. And the tri-pod allowed hands to spendas much time as possible in warm pockets. One last precaution - before settling back into the warm truck, storing the (almost frozen) D50 in a plastic zip-lock bag to reduce condensation once the shoot was done.

There are a couple of lessons to be learned here though. Check equipment, check the timing of the sunrise and (did I mention?) check equipment.

It was a beautiful morning.

Are we crazy?


Kevin and Marsha, thank you for your contribution.

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