Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Been That Kind of a Week

This morning a few of our club members went down to the By Design Gallery to see Rod Rodrique's latest exhibit. We were treated to something quite different from the customary photography exhibit. Rod went through a detailed description of of his thinking behind the exhibit.

It's not common for painters to create an image from a photograph unless THEY took the photograph. Rod convinced 33 painters to select images from his work and to create a reproduction of his image using their impressions and style.

For me, it was a hit. The artists are very talented, and I didn't see anything that was a disappointment. Excellent idea!

I was disappointed to be reminded how Rod captures his images in the first place. He uses a point and shoot camera (fixed focal length and fixed aperture) to capture his images on film. I say I am disappointed because he does such excellent work without the aid of high technology. Yep! My new camera ain't goin' to hep me dat much. IT'S COMPOSITION BABY!!!

This is on the heels of Liz Grandmaison's talk on "Still Life" photography Thursday evening. I say "on the heels" because Liz uses a modest digital camera, much on the same vein as Rod. The manufacturer markets the camera she uses for people migrating to their first digital camera. Liz uses it very expertly to capture terrific images. On top of that she tells a fine story photographically. Her work is a treat to see and hear.

Much of Liz's talk referenced her lack of gadgetry. She uses natural light, and occasionally a home made diffuser or homemade diffusion tent. Liz and Rod are the kind of people camera manufacturers and photography marketers view with suspicion. I suspect if they both prosper too much some ultra-highly paid lobbiest in Washington will pester a congressperson to to write a law against their frugally creative efforts. [Editors note: the preceding was meant to be humorous. If any ultra-highly paid lobbiest reads the proceeding paragraph there is no reason to get upset............I've got to run to the necessary room.................]

We went from Rod's gallery to the University of Maine Art Museum. Their photographic exhibit is very interesting. The photographer likes to have much of his images out of focus. In addition, he makes good use of high contrast in his subjects. His efforts work, and the results are very interesting. A worthwhile visit.

Before getting done for the morning Karen and myself went to 6 State Street to check out the exhibit space we have for the November 20 Art Walk. It looks like we have some room to work with. Karen has a good idea for how we can approach the exhibit, but I'm not saying anything until clearance is given from PrezMary.

We have a meeting this Thursday. Mike Leonard will talk about shooting "After Dark". I'm guessing it has nothing to do with jackin' deer since we are a camera club! Mike may venture out after the meeting for a shooting effort. So, you may want to have a tripod and a camera with you. Oh! It may be good to have a lens for the camera and a memory card, but I'll leave that decision up to you.

I've got to go through some old slides......maybe I can find something to show!


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